Cutting tools of high precision
polycrystalline diamond and

AOB – Your specialist in PCD tools

Our production unit is located in Mortagne-Sur-Sèvre where we design and manufacture tools since 1982. AOB is part of the Seco Tools group since 2010.

Our current capabilities enable us to manufacture tailor-made milling cutters up to dia 330mm and blades up to dia 500mm.

To design and manufacture your tailor-made solutions our team consists of 42 people :

  • 2 sales engineers + 2 agents
  • 5 administrators
  • 2 products managers
  • 4 programmers
  • 26 operators dedicated to the manufacturing of tailor-made tools

For the manufacturing of your tools our machinery includes:

  • 5 five-axis machines
  • 4 turning lathes
  • 3 grinding machines
  • 16 EDM machines
  • 3 induction brazing machines

We also propose tools regrinding and reconditioning

The interview of our director, Nolwenn Nivet :

«Our unit production team is well-experienced to ensure our involvement in our customers’ production costs reduction. As for the Seco group, our production unit considers the environment and is committed to design and manufacture tools which reduce their environmental impact.»

Nearly 30 years of experience serving our clients : consulting, support, optimization, development of innovative solutions that stick to customer needs, with a single purpose : to increase the productivity and quality of the parts produced. Creativity requirement responsiveness are the fundamentals of our commitment to our customers. We have always invested heavily in production facilities last generation to be the best technology.


1982 : Foundation in Vendée to recondition tools carbide inserts, effective 1 person

1986 : The first tool Carbide is producedaob-tools-entreprise 400

1988 : The first tool with diamond tip is manufactured

1997 : Introduction into the automotive market

1999 : Introduction into the aerospace market

2010 : Acquired by SECOTOOLS

2012 : ISO9001 certificate

2015 : Environment, Health and Safety certificates                                             OHSAS18001 et ISO14001

2016 : 44 employees

Productivity and longevityaob-piece1

Whatever the activity, industrial objective assigned to a cutter is the same: QUALITY AND DURABILITY OF THE CUP.For nearly 30 years, AOB is working to develop solutions that meet these two requirements, whether standard or special tools.

Expertise and quality

aob-brasageQuality and productivity are at the heart of all your concerns, which is why AOB brings greater attention to the design of tools for accurate, reliable and tailored to your needs tungsten.

AOB has positioned itself as a true partner of its principals, and puts his experience and rigor service collaboration: listening, requirement definition, research, development, testing, production start.


This know-how and quality

AOB develops with the same passion in the aerospace and automotive industry.

Realization and implementation

aob-122aob-112aob-43AOB carries the body of tools and machining cutting inserts in polycrystalline diamond using a fleet of CNC machines and latest generation

The production is performed by a CAM system allowing smooth and precise programming of complex geometries, including operations on machining centers 5-axes.
Once the tool is made​​, AOB ensures implementation, adjustment, optimization of the machine and the regrind after use.

Studies and designs tailor

aob-8aob-72Once your needs clearly identified and defined, technicians office AOB studies methodically analyze all material aspects. They can design the most suitable for your technical and economic constraints solution.

For special sets, they rely on their expertise and experience to imagine the tool tailored specifically to your needs

Control and traceability

aob-88aob-130Throughout the production, the AOB tools are the subject of dimensional inspection and a final inspection completed by balancing to ensure their perfect conformité.AOB has an air-conditioned control to perform all dimensional checks and tridimensionnelles.Chaque AOB tool has a laser marked identification number, allowing them to "draw" with the utmost rigor.